North Shore Book Tour SOLD OUT!

Thanks to the efforts of Dana Taylor and Joyce Knauff who we met on the Maine, Bike and the Like Tour last fall, we were invited to speak to the Evanston, IL Bicycle Club’s meeting on July 16th. Our wives Cathy and Jan accompanied us and we had special guests Kyle McNaught and his friends Gio and Gio’s girlfriend Jenn. As we pulled up into the parking lot for the meeting we were greeted by Marion, a club member who ran towards us clutching a copy of our book and saying “I loved your book and have to have your autographs and a picture with you.” We humbly acquiesced. The bike club got into the spirit of things offering samplings of local pizza establishments as their evening pre-meeting snack. Following the club meeting we gave an inspirational and informative talk with power point on the fine art of pedaling for pizza. The talk covered several of the bicycle tours featured in our first book Pedaling for Pizza, Our Odyssey on Bikes along with the Genesis of the pedaling for pizza idea and a taste of tours and pizzas reviewed in our upcoming book Pedaling for Pizza a Second Slice, Saving the World One Pizza at a Time. With all seriousness aside we reviewed the authors service to mankind in offering our world renowned pizza rating system and our efforts to bring reconciliation to the community of Grove City, OH torn apart over which pizza was the true champion in the city’s Pizza Wars.(You can read about this in our soon to be published second volume) The club members were given the opportunity to rate the pizzas offered that evening enhancing not only the pizzas consumed that evening but will enable them to enjoy future pizzas with a well trained palate.

The next morning we were invited to speak to the Wilmette Harbor Rotary Club which met at the Wilmette Yacht Club on beautiful Lake Michigan. Joyce Knauff past president of the Wilmette Harbor Rotary club has become our self proclaimed agent and was the one who secured our spot on the morning program. Her introduction was brief “these guys are over the top!” Where do you go from there? We gave another stirring presentation on the art of pedaling for pizza and our service to humanity. Joining us were Lindsay, Kyle’s “significant other” and Tom the FOSO i.e. Father of Significant Other. Following our presentation a woman told Joyce, “These guys need to be on TV.” Joyce’s response was, “What are you planning to do to make that happen?!” This could be the start of our own reality show. Move over Duck Dynasty, Pizza Dynasty is coming! Following the presentation we sold all of our books! We are SOLD OUT!


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