In Search of Lobster Pizza

In Search of Lobster Pizza This year's adventure takes us to the great state of Maine with Suzie and Roger Knable and their company Bike and the Like as our hosts. When one thinks of Maine and food, the first thing that comes to mind is Lobster. Maine is famous for lobster. Or as the locals call it "Lahbstah" Suddenly we were struck with an epiphany, two of our favorite foods combined, lobster and pizza, lobster pizza. We were on a mission to find a culinary delicacy of lobster pizza. Would there be such a thing? Could their be such a thing? Yes of course there could be such a thing but would there be? Arriving in Portland we headed down to old Portland which has a plentiful array of restaurants. Walking the old brick streets we came upon Bill's Pizza on the harbor. The sign read "Pizza by the slice", which we usually avoid but being in need of an appetizer for our seafood dinner with the group we decided to give it a try.. "Do you have lobster pizza? A quick and short New England answer, "No". Maybe they recognized that we were Colts fans behind enemy lines. "Do you know where we could find a lobster pizza? "No". We ordered a slice anyway and hoped for better fortune along the road on another day. Summer time in Indiana brings roadside stands of fresh sweet corn, Decker melons, and tomatoes. Here in Maine one sees seafood stands for oysters, mussels, and of course lobsters. But would these sea loving New Englanders make lobster pizza. There are lobster rolls, steamed lobster, lobster stew, even lobster ice cream. For lobster pizza we searched in vain. In Boothbay, a beautiful quintessential New England harbor town we spotted a pizza shop. Anxiously we entered the establishment and asked a crabby young women taking orders, "do you have lobster pizza?" "No" she gruffly commented. "No lobster pizza!" This time we passed up a pizza slice not wanting to support a pizza establishment with rude workers. We rode for days with hardly a sign of pizza, our hopes were fading. Fresh seafood helped relieve the hunger within but not the desire for the elusive Lobster pizza. Arriving at our destination, Bar Harbor just outside Acadia National Park we renewed our search for the holy grail of lobster pizza. As is so often the case as one pursues their dreams, it is when you have nearly given up hope that perseverance pays off. Getting off the bus at the city square we inquired of the ranger working at the National Park desk, "are there any good pizza places in town?" Several were mentioned, and Pat's Pizza was only a block away. Entering the pizzeria Jay quickly spotted the white board with "Today's Special" in red ink "Lobster Pizza"! At last our search had come to an end. A friendly waitress asked for our order. " A 14" Lobster Pizza" we cried out in unison. Anticipation was building as we waited. Finally it arrived. The pizza crust was made of a white dough, looking a tasting a bit like a big soft oyster cracker. The pizza sauce was an Alfredo sauce of cream and butter, just like a lobster stew we had at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. And topping it all off was warm lobster in all its glory. What's not to love about that combination. We quickly made our assessment, 4 spokes. A very good and unique pie. Mission accomplished.


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