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On our recent ride across Ohio, we entered the town of Grove City. We noted a lawn sign posted in front of Tristino's restaurant proclaiming them as the 2009 "Judge's Award" winner in the annual Pizza Challenge. Deducing that this would be a great place to rate a pizza we chose Tristino's as our dinner site for the evening. The waitress explained how their pizza dough was made from scratch and that they also made their own sausage and used only fresh vegetables. As we were eating the pizza and impressed by its qualities she told us of the intense competition between Tristino's and another pizza restaurant Tammy's. Tammy's had received the "People's Choice Award" for 7 years in a row. Thus establishing the debate between Tritino's, "Judges Award" winner and Tammy's the "People's Award" winner. The waitress also suggested to us that it may have been more than the pizza that made them popular with the pizza eating public. She noted that the pizza was served by scantily clad young waitresses. And that this may have held more sway with the populace gaining them more votes. She told us Tammy's was located right around the corner. Seeing the need to perform a public service to a community racked with division over these pizzas and pizza establishments, we decided to cast the ultimate vote of pizza authority. Jay quickly picked up his cell and dialed Tammy's placing an order for a medium deluxe pizza. We payed the informative waitress and road over to Tammy's. The pizza was not yet ready so we waited at an outside table on beautiful summer evening. Our kind waitress brought our pizza to us. As she sat it down and turned to leave, we remarked that we were greatful that she was not scantily clad! Tammy's pizza was ok, but it was evident that most of the vegetables had come out of a can. This is an automatic one spoke deduction. It was very much like a Donato's pizza which we learned had its beginning in the area. The verdict was in, Tristino's was the winner hands down! There can now be peace and civil harmony in Grove City. Upon our arrival home after the week long trip, I was realating this story to my daughter. She exclaimed "Dad you and Jay are saving the world one pizza at a time!" Well said.
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