Promise Land in the land of Goshen, IN

Friday evening, the night before the Pumpkinvine Ride we arrived in Goshen in search of the 5 spoke pizza. Having no advance planning we relied upon technology, the Garmin. It searched the area for pizza. We drove by and observed Bruno's pizza and continued on. We saw a Pizza Hut. (Even though we avoid chain pizza places, we were getting hungry.) But there was not a single car in the parking lot. Not a good sign for a pizza place on a friday night. Once again we turned to Garmin and discovered much to our delight, "Il Forno" Italian resturant. As we pulled up to the store front establishment in the heart of old town Goshen, it looked like home. After inquiring about the specialty of the house we asked the helpful waitress if she knew where Pumpkinvine Trail began. Uncertain, she requested the help of her father in law, a retired educator. He gave direction and ask us how far we were going to ride. We told him about the ride and he commented that he too was a cyclist. Giving us the perfect opportunity to share about our book and passion. He turned and pointed accross the resturant and said that man owns a local bike shop I'll tell him about your book.
The supreme pizza arrived golden brown from the wood fired brick oven. Careful to avoid pizza inflation,(in looking back on the first book we think our ratings were too liberal) we reflected on a proper rating. 4 spoke we agreed! It earned it.
Following the 2009 addition of ice cream rating, we ask Garmin to find us ice cream. The Chief was only .3 miles away. lock and load, we headed for it. Two long lines streamed out into the rainy night from a cinder block classic ice cream stand. This is it! We were not disappointed.


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